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Equis Financial

Iris Sims Davis
Agency Manager

Office: 601.594.8100

Cell: 601-500-1315

Equis Financial is the premier insurance marketing organization for independent insurance agents and agency builders. Founded by field agents, Equis was designed from the ground up to be the company agents can call home, the company where agents and agency managers can build a long, lasting, and profitable career. Equis Financial has partnered with the industry's best carriers to bring our agents a portfolio of products that can provide the protection the families we serve so desperately need. Through the leadership of industry veterans Barry Clarkson, Rob Jones, Bill Martin, and Kevin Davies, Equis Financial is experiencing unprecedented growth. If you are interested in working with us, please fill out an application on our website www.equisfinancial.com.

Other than providing protection in the event of a premature death, can you life Insurance Policy:

1. Protect your income if you come down with a chronic or crital illness such as a stroke, heart attack, cancer or critical injury?
2. Serve as a supplemental long term care coverage?
3. Provide lifetime tax free for retirement?

If not, CALL ME Licensed in MS, LA, AR, TX, TN, GA, FL and CA